Mitsubishi 4B11T

4B11T was released in 2007 to replace 4G63 engine which was in production for nearly two decades. During its life span 4G63 proved itself to be a trustworthy and strong engine in every aspect. Designing 4B11T was a real challenge for Mitsubishi engineers. 4B11T should be more efficient and more friendly to environment and it should be able to cope -better outperform- 4G63.
4B11 is an inline four engine featuring dual over head cams and four valves per cylinder. Boost is generated by a single turbo charger. 4B11 displaces 1998cc with bore and stroke being both 86mm, which is also known as a square design. Reducing the overall weight and increasing the efficiency were the two major engineering problems to be solved. 4B11 block is cast aluminum. Aluminum is chosen for reducing weight. Use of balance shafts are avoided to reduce the overall weight even further. The engine internals are designed to cope with huge loads generated by the turbocharger. All 4B11Ts roll out of the factory with Mahle forged pistons. These pistons have cooling channels with different number of passages to the oil rings according to the intake and exhaust sides. As well as pistons the beefy rods are also capable of dealing with high loads. Rods are connected to the crankshaft with 21mm bearings to reduce the friction.
Just like the short block head is also made up of cast aluminum. Camshafts are operated through a silent chain setup and the valvetrain uses a direct acting configuration instead of traditional rocker arm type. This setup needs less moving parts for operating, therefore allows a compact design and has less friction. 35mm intake and 29mm exhaust valves are driven by camshafts that are fitted with Mitsubishi’s variable valve timing system, MIVEC. Basically, a wide powerband and emissions friendly setup are the two main characteristics of 4B11T. 4B11 comes equipped with a TD05H152G6-12T turbocharger and has a drive by wire system which improves throttle response.
It is obvious that the modern trends of the today, improved efficiency and environmental considerations, played an important role during the design process of the engine. But with ingenious engineering solutions 4B11T successfully conforms these expectations without any compromise in performance.
Model: 4B11T
Displacement (cc): 1998
Power Output (hp): 240 – 295
Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
Bore (mm): 86.0
Stroke (mm): 86.0
Years Produced: 2007 – Today


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